Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Services

Out case manager works with Parkside Clients who have substance use disorders  (SUD) issues.  Connecting clients with resources within the community to support their journey through employment, housing, insurance,  transportation and other services provided through our partner agencies.

The Peer Recovery Coach at Parkside runs groups for Substance Use Disorder (SUD) clients and is available for sessions and to help during a crisis as a part of our SUD team

Individual counseling services at Parkside are provided on a weekly or as needed basis.  Group counseling, peer mentoring and case management services combine to provide a support system for clients.


  • Open to any adult who is interested in exploring recovery or wanting extra support
  • Meeting begins with a different topic, such as; how to deal with relationships and recovery, how to ask for help, the importance of community/support, introduction to 12 step programs, and addiction education
  • Offered three times per week via zoom and typically run for one hour
  • People at any stage of their recovery are welcome to the meetings

Call Parkside Family Counseling for further Information - 517-266-8880