Community Education Opportunities for Adults & Teens

Parkside Family Counseling, LLC offers free presentations and groups for Substance Abuse Prevention in schools and to the community.  See our calendar for upcoming events you may be interested in.

Community Presentations are designed to help parents and families deal with substance abuse.  Topics include legal drugs, such as alcohol, marijuana and nicotine and illegal drugs along with underage use.  Generally presentations last two hours and include time for questions.  Please contact Parkside if you would like to discuss hosting a free presentation.

Parkside can also present to schools - students or staff - on a variety of substance use topics and recommendations.  Presntations are free and offer support and insight for SUD topics.

Parkside Counselors offer group solutions for students who need extra support for vaping and other substance use issues.  Classes can be once or twice a week, up to six weeks long and include various interactive sessions to engage kids along with rewards for participation.  Contact Parkside if your school would like to set up a group.  Recommended for Middle and High school students.