Intensive Home-based Therapy

Parkside Family Counseling, LLC is pleased to offer Intensive Home-based (IHT) therapy for children and families that qualify through a referral from the Lenawee County Juvenile Court or the Lenawee Department of Health and Human Services.

Intensive Home-based therapy (IHT) is a unique and effective way of integrating all support systems available in the community to build strong family systems.  IHT is an intensive, four-month program that gives families access to an on-call therapist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. IHT involves the inclusion of five areas of a child’s life: Self, Family, Peers, Education, and Community; and seeks to strengthen those areas to ensure successful lives. IHT at Parkside aims to keep children at home within their community rather than in foster care or long-term juvenile detention facilities.

Currently there are only two ways a family can enter into the IHT program, referral through Lenawee County Juvenile Court and referral through Lenawee County Department of Health and Human Services.

Families Referred by Lenawee County Juvenile Court: 

Through IHT, adolescents involved in the juvenile court system can remain in their home and gain the skills needed within their community, family, and education to live successful and meaningful lives. IHT seeks to address the behaviors that put them at risk for being placed in juvenile detention centers, such as Maurice Spear Campus, and allow them the chance to develop important skills needed for their everyday lives.

Families Referred by the Lenawee Department of Health and Human Services:

For families referred by DHHS, the goal is to stay together to build the necessary skills to care for and nurture growing children and teens. Out of home placements such as foster care can interrupt typical learning, growing, healthy relationships with family and friends. IHT can assist in changing the course of families so that children can always be safe, happy, and ready to grow into capable and successful young people. Referrals made to IHT through DHHS are focused on strengthening the family system within the home and ensuring a safe place for children to grow.