Healing Project

What is the Healing Project?
Starting in 2015, the Healing Project is a survivor led training that educates the audience on the prevalence of sexual assault, the impact of sexual harm, and how to better support survivors in their everyday lives. The Healing Project has presented to multiple colleges, including Eastern Michigan University and Sienna Heights University, as well as nearly every school district in Lenawee County, active police officers in Lenawee County and social workers around Michigan. The Healing Project is split into three parts: A short PowerPoint presentation, the survivor’s stories, and a Q&A.

What is the Healing Project’s Mission?
The mission of the Healing Project is to empower survivors to tell their own story of survival and showcase their strength and resilience to carry on. The Healing Project seeks to educate the public on sexual harm and the impacts it has on survivors by allowing the survivors to share their stories. Our basic mission statement: You are a survivor; you are already strong. Now you
deserve to be happy.

How was the Healing Project Created?
The Healing Project concept was created by a client and survivor named Heather. Heather has cerebral palsy and was passionate about telling the people that helped her during her life about being a survivor. With the help of Mike Mohler, LMSW – a longtime Parkside clinician and other survivors in her group, the Healing Project was created. Our first Healing Project was presented to a social work class at Sienna Heights University in December of 2015.

Inquiring about The Healing Project:
To schedule a time for The Healing Project to come to your classroom, work, or college university, or for more information please contact Tori Slone, LLBSW or Mike Mohler, LMSW at 517-266-8880.