"Our mission is to provide home-based and community-based services to youth and families with a focus on success through skill development and relationship building.

We are a resource to individuals, families and the community when people are struggling with traumatic life events, behavioral, and emotional problems that may have a lasting negative impact on themselves and the people around them."

Parkside Family Counseling, LLC is a community-based service agency serving youth and families in Lenawee County, Michigan. Parkside was established in 1997 when the need arose for community-based services for youth involved with the juvenile justice system. The agency has grown based on the changing needs in the community. Currently Parkside offers home-, school- and office-based therapeutic services to adults, adolescents and children. We serve families with teens or children who have behavioral and emotional problems or have experienced some type of trauma as well as youth and their families struggling with the problems of substance abuse. In addition to the owner/lead clinician, Parkside has an office manager and 13 clinicians and meeting the needs of families through our programs.

Access to services can be made through self-referral or referral by an agency representative from Department of Human Services (DHS), Lenawee County Probate Court, Juvenile Division or other agencies contracting with Parkside. Fees are based on services provided. We are able to bill insurance such as Meridian Health (a Medicaid HMO) and many Blue Cross plans. A sliding fee scale is available based on income and individual circumstances. Our office manager will be able to best assist you in understanding your options for accessing services. All of the services we provide at Parkside Family Counseling, LLC are community-based services. When a youth’s behavior has led to an unexpected placement in the Maurice Spear Campus Juvenile Detention Facility, our therapists are often able to continue working with the youth. This allows for the opportunity to use this incident resulting in legal consequences, as a part of the focused discussion about motivation to make changes in their life. This is also an opportunity to assess the client’s needs and how to best manage safety needs in the community when the youth returns to their parents’ home.

Collaboration with other child serving agencies is always a part of the work we do with families at Parkside. Many of the youth we serve are receiving services through various public and private agencies due to complicating life situations. Some are involved in the juvenile justice system through Lenawee County Probate Court, DHS and some are involved with Lenawee Community Mental Health Authority or other agencies providing mental health services. Therefore, good communication and cooperative delivery of services is paramount to the process of helping families.

Parkside has collaborated over the years with various countywide initiatives working to better serve youth and families in Lenawee County. Currently, Parkside is involved in the Lenawee Anti-Bullying Taskforce and The Lenawee ROSC (Recovery Oriented Systems of Care) Committee. ROSC is a framework for addressing substance abuse by coordinating multiple systems, services, and supports that are person-centered, self-directed and designed to readily adjust to meet the individual’s needs and chosen pathway to recovery.